About Us

The business scope of M.E.I. Consulting Group Limited is wide, ranging from individual acumen edged-up, personal capacity enhancement, in-service training in various disciplines, media relations seminars, workshops for professional progression and crisis communication programmes.

Media play an important role in effective, impactful and impressive communication. M.E.I. Consulting Group’s top-tier professionals use their deep expertise in media relations to help bring messages to the public in a concise, precise and clear way, effectively formulating an influential outcome. They work across sectors and industries to deliver outcome-driven programmes that create awareness, engage audiences and support a range of corporate and communications objectives.

Evaluation is a sagacious and shrewd process to appraise the current situation and trends of public affairs. Deploying such unique specialty to map out insightful plans, self-prestige enhancement, brand building and crisis management programmes can be executed more effectively.

Intelligence can manifest itself more remarkably in political and financial acumen, which is a key to success in political aspiration or career advancement, especially in the fields of government, finance and public services.